The Best Hong Kong Chat App - TalkKing

WhatsApp, a chat app owned by Facebook, began to inform 2 billion users of its latest privacy policy updates.

This new privacy policy is a mandatory requirement for all users to accept, otherwise they will not be able to continue to log in and use WhatsApp. In fact, this is not the first time Facebook has tried to get user data from its very successful live chat apps.

When you sign up for a WhatsApp account, you already send some data (such as your mobile phone number) to Facebook. Facebook can also view your mobile device information, including the brand and model of the device you use to access WhatsApp, as well as your IP address. Unless you use VPN service, the IP address can be bound to your current location.

This means that users in the United States and other countries have to accept that their data is used by the business and enterprise clients of Facebook, including the ads content distribution to apps users. (due to the protection provided by the EU's strict data privacy legislation, the impact of this latest privacy policy on WhatsApp users in the UK or continental Europe is relatively limited.)

For Hong Kong users, apart from WhatsApp, is there no other live chat app to choose from? Maybe you can try this live chat app called TalkKing developed by a local company in Hong Kong.

Features WhatsApp TalkKing
Platform (Android, iOS, Web, Windows) Yes Yes
Groups ≤ 256 ≤ 256
Location Sharing Yes Check people nearby
Message deletion Yes Yes
Messaging Systems Data Data
Multi-device Message Mirroring Message Mirroring
Server stored messages Transitory Transitory
Protected by Hong Kong Law No Yes
Accessible areas Banned in China No limit
Data storage US Hong Kong
Data sharing Yes No
Email syncronization No Yes

The data is stored on a local stand-alone server in Hong Kong

Unlike WhatsApp, TalkKing is 100% developed in Hong Kong, and the server used to store data is also set locally. This not only ensures the data security and stability of users in Hong Kong, but also enables the entire application of TalkKing to obtain the most complete and powerful performance as the driver. It can run more smoothly in Hong Kong and other Chinese regions, and continuously maintain a perfect environment of safe, stable and efficient operation.

User data protected by local laws in Hong Kong

As an live chat app developed in Hong Kong, TalkKing's user data is naturally protected by local laws. In case of data leakage or illegal use of their own data, users can also directly protect their rights and interests in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.
Because the data protection of overseas applications such as WhatsApp is in accordance with overseas laws, it will be difficult for Hong Kong users to fight for more protection of their rights and interests if such a situation occurs, which is WhatsApp recently forces users to accept that their data is used for commercial purposes.

Will not share user data with any third-party

As a pure live chat app for chat, TalkKing will never share user data with any third party or for other commercial purposes. Social media giants like Facebook have been sharing user data with enterprises for more advertising revenue.
Although customizing digital ads through user data analysis can improve the advertising experience, sharing data at will does harm the rights and interests of users to a certain extent. Now this kind of data sharing behavior also begins to involve WhatsApp users

Check your email synchronously

Unlike WhatsApp, which is only limited to chat function, TalkKing can also synchronize your email account to check the latest email directly in WhatsApp. Support login email, including QQ, NetEase, Sina, Yahoo, 126, 139, Gmail, Hotmail, Foxmail, outlook, etc., truly realize one-stop sending and receiving, communication and easy management of your email.

It can also be used in mainland China

For many WhatsApp users, one of the most inconvenient aspects is that WhatsApp can't be used in mainland China. As a result, they have to use other communication software alone when communicating with mainland friends.
Especially in the enterprise environment. Because more and more companies will come into contact with customers from mainland China, when using WhatsApp communication, it is impossible to achieve unified management of all customers on one platform. As an live chat app developed locally in Hong Kong, talkking can be used by countries all over the world, including Mainland China. There is also a special technical support team in the mainland.